Nc Raise Up
Our Leadership
We are worker-led.

NC Raise Up gets direction from our Steering Committee—a dedicated group of low wage worker-leaders from the fast food, retail, care and service industries. Our Steering Committee meets weekly. We focus on winning real victories that will impact workers’ lives.

Sara Fearrington

As a Waffle House server, Sara makes $3.10 plus tips. She will tell you “that's a poverty wage!” She joined NC Raise Up in 2019. Since then she has been on the frontlines of the fight for workers' rights—demanding a $15 minimum wage for all workers, including tipped workers.

“Poverty isn't our fault, there's something wrong with the system. So it's time to put our fears aside and organize, because we are very powerful when we come together.”

“Mama Cookie”

Mama Cookie first stood up to corporate power as a 19 year old Waffle House worker, when she protested and won back her coworkers' stolen wages. Today, she is a fast food worker with over 30 years in the fast food industry, including two decades at Wendy's before getting seriously injured on the job. Mama Cookie is committed to building worker power here in North Carolina.

"We are actually fighting to change the South and the power structures here."

Earl Bradley

Earl started working in the fast food industry at age 16. He has experienced poverty wages and unsafe working conditions at several fast food stores since then. Earl is a strong activist for affordable housing and raising minimum wage for all workers. He organizes his coworkers and his neighbors to have a voice at their jobs and in their communities. “Our work creates so much profit for these corporations, but we are paid so little that we have to rely on housing assistance or simply can’t afford rent. We won’t continue to let corporations take more out of the community than they are putting into it.”